Capture11In the latest book by acclaimed author Eric Jerome Dickey, we are given a very detailed 12 hour span snap of the complicated relationship of two random strangers that meet up and stay together for one night in a whirlwind adventure that goes from an attempted scam to murder, assault ,robbery and sensual experiences

 It’s the christmas season and Mr “Orange County” ( this is how the male lead is referred to until the very end ) is filling up gas in Hawaiian Gardens, he’s a married successful businessman.While he is still at the gas pump, a striking young woman (the girl from L.A) shows up and offers to sell him a brand new MacBook Pro for an amazing price.Unexpectedly, he buys it from her.Just to prove she is indeed a scam artist. It’s pouring outside and for a number of complicated ulterior motives (which we don’t find until later in the story), they decided to get a bite to eat at Denny’s. After this, their night escalates and after running into troubles, they are compelled to spend the rest of the night together in a sensual adventure that will change their lives forever.

The story itself is original and it captures you right away because both characters are so full of life , so wounded and so identical without realizing.True to mr Dickey’s essence, this story is sexually charged as a result of frustration and built up disappointment by the characters.

 If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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