Capture21In this series called the Supper Club mysteries, we find James Henry, a former College Professor that has to go home after the death of his mother to take care of his own father who has become reclusive, despondent and at times aggressive.

James Henry has returned to live to the small town of Quincy Gap, in the Shenandoah valley in Virgina and his return implied the loss of his comfortable academic life.Now he is the Director of the local town library. James has coped with grief and pain all of his life by eating and he has become way overweighted. His love for cheese puffs has earned him the nickname of Professor Puff. But one day his life will change when an enterprising woman Lindy asks him to put a poster in the library community . The poster is an open invitation to anyone who could benefit from losing some weight and eating right. James becomes the fifth member of the group which will self-proclaimed as “the Flab five” which includes a police deputy, a mailman, the owner of a veterinarian store and Lindy, the art teacher at the local high school. Their first meeting is followed however with the death of a young man who used to be the most popular football player and high school and kept living off that reputation.

The Flab five will try to help Lucy, their king police deputy to solve the crime while the group keeps attempting to lose weight and make better food choices.

I love this book because anyone can identify with the real life struggles of the characters not only about the weight control but the different obstacles they must defeat on a daily basis. The characters are charming and well-developed and even the secondary characters such as the Fitzgerald twins , James’s coworkers are a delight to read about . The story and mystery are kept right until the end and it has a great pace.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small



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