Capture11Charming tale about a 15 year old teen with a love for trivia and knowledge and underrated / bullied at times for  her classmates at school who decides it is time to reinvent herself and stumbles into the world of modeling by mistake.

Harriet Manners is a geek. She has been called that her entire life . It doesn’t help ,of course, her habit of showering people with obscure trivia or correcting sometimes grammatical mistakes. But all in all, she is a good girl trying to make it through high school like any other kid. Her best friend Nat is the complete opposite of her and their friendship is as deep as unlikely. But one day Nat begs Harriet to accompany her to a fashion show with the hopes of being recruited as a model and when Harriet is spotted instead of Nat, their world will change and her friendship will be tested thoroughly.

The narrator Katey Sobey with her posh English accent does an amazing job transporting us to London and taking over the character of Harriet Manners.

Perfectly light teen book that showcases some of the issues such as insecurities and bullying that teens face nowadays.

If you would like to listen to this book, you can find it here in our catalog.Also available in print format  and also as an EBook here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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