JacketV1O2H258Captivating story about vampirism, a man and his obsessive quest for the truth and revenge for the loss of the woman he loved.

The story begins in 1944 , Charles Jackson, a young English Army Corporal and his Sergeant visit Paris and the countryside. Charles is elated when they visit a Chateau in St-Germain-en-laye which has been Nazi headquarters and a lot of precious items have gone missing. One of them is a small statue of Venus. But as Charles mistakenly walks into a bunker, he witness a disturbing act: a man drinking a dead woman’s blood, the man locks eyes with Charles who recoils in disgust and leaves without knowing his life will never be the same.

After the war, Charles finishes medical school and becomes a hematologist and start researching cure for blood diseases. Five years later, he seems to have regained control of his life until he runs into the same man from the bunker dining with a young woman. Suddenly he gets fascinated for the young woman’s spirit and falls in love .

During the next 20 years, he will be always on the run trying to learn the truth about that young woman Marion , her true love and the reason why this man who seems to take many names and have wide influence seems to be getting away with so many things. Charles’s quest will involve deep research, losing his place in society and even his own humanity.

Resembling slightly to Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the gothic tone but it separates itself from it because in this story vampirism isn’t accepted as a supernatural phenomena but rather explained in the realm of mental disease or complex religious concepts.

I love this book because of the way it treats a rather dark subject, an original story and the pace also it strips vampires of their glamour and attempts to give their existence a logical reason. A fascinating and haunting read, full of suspense and mystery.

Also the narrator Shaun Grindell does a brilliant job assuming the role of  Charles Jackson narrating the life journey with a perfect English accent as well the other european accents of the other characters that Charles interacts with during the book.

If you would like to hear this book, you can find it here in our catalog and also available in print format .

Happy listening,

Jackie M small


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