CapturebThis book written by Peggy Kern is short but packs a powerful punch as it depicts the nightmare that Michelle’s life has become when she has run away from home and has no one else to turn to. The author explores the very difficult topics of child prostitution and human trafficking through the eyes of the innocent Michelle a.k.a. Little Peach.

Michelle, a 14-year old girl from Philadelphia has grown up in a hopeless home due to the absence of her father and the severe substance abuse problems of her mother. The only redeeming factor of her childhood is her grandfather .

But one day when Michelle grows tired of the abuse at home, she decides she may be better off looking for her friend Erica who lives in New York and she leaves her home to try to find her and maybe improve her living conditions.

However, her world changes when she meets a handsome stranger Devon who promises to take care of her and then her nightmare begins.

The narrator Imani Parks does a tremendous job conveying all the pain and hopelessness that surround the main character .In hush tones and little voices , she becomes the voice of the painful population that have fallen victim to abusers. Fortunately, the author also does a magnificent work by recreating the situations without being too explicit, rude or graphic.  Not for the faint of heart but a powerful piece about a growing problem in our society.

If you would like to listen to this audiobook, you can find it here in our catalog.

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