CaptureaFinding Jake is the story of a father whose son has been involved in a Columbine-type school shooting and now his absence makes him the perfect suspect for the police and the ideal scapegoat for the press.

Simon Connolly is a stay-at home Dad who lives in the suburbs of Wilmington, Delaware with his lawyer wife Rachael and their kids , Jake, 17 years old and Lainie, 14 years old. Simon has accepted his role as a stay-at home dad giving up his job to raise his 2 kids and is living an idyllic life when one morning after the kids have gone to school a text message changes his life. A mass message to the parents of the local high school reporting a shooting and the death of students shook Simon to the core who rushes to the High school to try to find his kids alive. After what seems an eternity ,Lainie is finally found safe but Jake is missing. News reports start trickling down pointing to 2 possible shooters Doug, who has been found dead on the crime scene most likely of a self-inflicted wound shot and Jake Connolly who is missing and is presumed to be the other perpetrator.

Through flashbacks of memories of Jake’s childhood and crucial moments where Simon might have missed signs of something wrong with his son growing up. Simon started wondering and worrying what could have gone so wrong but his father instincts keep telling him to trust Jake and try to find him to discover the real truth. Simon must fight the pressure of the police, the press and even his own family disintegrating under the tragedy that has befallen them.

I found this book very engaging from the beginning.Full of heartfelt and self-doubting moments, the main character depicts the anguish and dark path that any parent will empathize with. Also the narrator of this audiobook, George Newbern, makes a fantastic job as Simon, his voice compelling and full of emotion at times, drives the personal nightmare that the character is going through.

If you would like to listen to this book, you can find it here in our catalog . Also available in print format and as an E-book.

Happy listening,

Jackie M small

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