Capture1This is the fourth installment of this mystery series “Callie Anson mysteries”. I confess I haven’t read the previous three ones and sometimes it’s hard to get a feel for the characters when you dive right into the middle of the series but this wasn’t the case at all.

Callie Anson is a Reverend working in a small parish in London who have had to deal with some painful events in the past but is trying to move on and give the best to her parishioners. She is invited to a Clergy Reunion at her old Alma Mater in Cambridge and travels there during the Easter Holiday but when she arrives there, she finds that the one person she can’t deal with is also an attendee of the event.

Parallel to Callie’s story, we find that a teen boy has been found stabbed in the streets of London. Apparently this boy comes from a great family and has an impeccable record which puzzles Detective Neville who has been assigned to the case. The clues seem to lead to no suspects and there’s pressure from the higher officials to solve the case as quick as possible and a noisy reporter isn’t helping by leaking information with inflammatory headlines.

The detectives must try to learn the motivation of the real killer while entering the world of cyber bullying and identity crisis that the teen victim and his close entourage might have been victims or perpetrators . The mystery is kept right until the end with the shocking discovery and motives of the killer. Plus the secondary stories are more than intriguing as they depict human nature struggles and personal growing and they unfold right in front of our eyes and are all tied in a big package of clues that at times help substantiating the case.

All in all, I was really glad that I chose this book. I have never read any mysteries where clergywomen are involved and it was refreshing to see a good story line and a well written book.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog right here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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