Capture3In this new take on the legacy of Agatha Christie, writer Sophie Hannah tries her hand and attempts to After many decades of no new Poirot stories, i think i speak on behalf of many Hercule Poirot fans about how thrilling was to find out a new mystery was published and this story was endorsed by the estate of the author .

We go back in time to find Hercule Poirot living semi-retired from the sleuthing profession that made him so famous.He has made believe all of his friends that he has gone away but in fact he has taken a room not far from his current residence in London.The only time he is forced to leave his room is on Thursday night to procure dinner for himself at a nearby small eatery.While enjoying dinner alone, an hysteric woman rushes in claiming to be in danger. The oddity and lack of details picks Poirot curiosity and challenges his “vacation” state of mind. With the help of a very observant waitress, Poirot tries to put the case together. Simultaneously, Detective Catchpool from the acclaimed Scotland Yard agency and whose point of view the story is told from, is assigned to investigate a suspicious triple death at a famous hotel in London. As facts unfold and Poirot and Catchpool meet weekly as per usual. Poirot makes a bold assumption and connect the mysterious lady from the diner to the suspicious deaths. Poirot provides Catchpool with some important clues and theories and the detective must follow-up all the leads to find out the killer and prevent future victims.

All in all, the book has a Christie-like flow however some scenes are lengthier than they should be. The interactions between Catchpool and Poirot though amusing left some to desire and from that aspect we Poirot fans end up missing Inspector Japp. However, the mystery itself is enticing enough to keep us interested until the end. And the big reveal shows that Poirot has not lost his edge.

If you are a Dame Agatha Christie’s fan and have missed more Poirot stories, you’ll get your fill with this new series. Cant wait for the next mystery in this new series.

If you would like to read this book,you can find it in our catalog here, also in Large Print format or in digital format E-Book.

Happy Reading ,

Jackie M small


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