Capture5In the latest installment of this wonderfully light series by Nancy Atherton, we’re back to the fictional village of Finch nested cozily in the English Cotswolds where Lori Shepherd, the lead character lives with her family and friends.

If you are a follower of Ms. Atherton’s works then you wont be disappointed , maybe the only negative aspect of this new book is that we’d like more pages narrating the adventures of Lori but otherwise the author delivers charm oozing out of each page.

If you have never read this series, then you are for a treat. Although technically labeled as a cozy mystery, there is no dead body or murder to solve, the mystery revolves around an old feud between the villagers of Finch and Tillcote and the identity of the mysterious Summer King.

Lori is pretty content after the birth of her baby girl, Elizabeth “Bess” but this has left her home bound and pretty much disconnected from the usual gossip that is second nature to Finch. Upon the impeding wedding of her father-in-law to Amelia and the visit of her very uptight in-laws hauling from Boston and her own struggles to recover her pre-pregnancy weight, she starts to take strolls around the back roads of the village. During one of those strolls, she stumbles on a dirt road and when her baby pram carrying precious baby Bess, falls apart, she gets the chance to meet the famously named Summer King .

Although categorized as a mystery, there’s no murders or victims per se. Usually the mystery is related to a village secret that Lori gets to unearth. I love this series because it’s so light and enchanting. All of the characters even the paranormal ones are so easy to read about and the story just flows so naturally .

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here and also as Audiobook and  in digital format as an E-Book.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small



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