Capture4In the fourth installment of this amazing series by Sheila Connolly.

We find once more Nell Pratt carrying on her role of President of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society dealing with the labors of raising funds and cataloguing all of their priceless historical documentation in digital format to preserve it for the future. Then the Philadelphia cultural community is shaken to its bones because of the death of Adeline Harrison, former member of several boards in the Museum and Cultural society in Philadelphia.

Her death seems to be due to natural causes after all she was well into her eighties.But when FBI Agent James Morrison ,Nell’s on and off boyfriend brings to her attention that Adeline’s death seems suspicious because of other coincidental death of elderly but otherwise perfectly healthy former member of Board of Trustees. Nell must dig deep in the almost “inbred” world of notable Philadelphia families to find out who might have been behind the other deaths and who else might be the nest target in this killing spree.

I love this book because it illustrates various aspects of the non-profit cultural organizations, from a personal and also institutional point of view. It shows the effort that most cultural organizations have to put to keep our museums or cultural organizations open to the public and also how Trusts work. From the mystery point of view, it’s once more a great written book with great pace where the killer is revealed with big surprise until the end .

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog and also available in Large Print format.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small





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