Capture2In the latest book of this very popular series by Joanne Fluke. We go back to Lake Eden, the fictional town in Minnesota where Hannah Swensen and her family and friends live.

The story picks up a few months while Hannah has been awaiting to go to trial for vehicular manslaughter . Even though she is innocent  , an overbearing prosecutor has pursued the charge and take her into trial.

In the meantime, Hannah and her sisters Andrea and Michelle are in cahoots with their mother Delores’s fiance, Doc Knight. They have been planning secretly for a few weeks now a secret wedding to surprise Delores. The wedding is to take place in Las Vegas and Doc’s secretive best man turns out to be Ross Barton, former boyfriend of Hannah.

Hannah and her family had a great time in Las Vegas but once she goes home to face trial, the morning that she’s meeting the judge in his private chambers, she discover his lifeless body and once again, she has to investigate to find the real culprit and eliminate any doubts about her innocence.

I have been reading Ms. Fluke’s book and her books are always very easy to read , great pace and the diverse cast of characters charming as always.Perfect for cozy mystery lovers.

If you would like to read this book, you can find in our catalog here. Also available as an audiobook  and as an e-book from our digital library.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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