CaptureI was very excited to discover that Kate Carlisle was giving us another mystery series “fixer-upper mystery” because i love her other series “the Bibliophile mystery series”.

In this new series, we are in the small but definitively not sleepy seaside town of Lighthouse Cove in sunny California.

Our main character Shannon Hammer was born and raised in Lighthouse Cove and adores her perfect life.She has taken over her father renovation and construction business and loves revitalizing Victorian homes to their former glory. She has been working hard in her best friend Jane’s Victorian family house in order to convert it into a Bed and breakfast. But as talented and loving as Shannon is, her love life isn’t something to brag about. Her once great love is married to another woman and she hasn’t had many dates and her friends are always setting her up in blind dates.

Shannon is looking forward to the date with Jerry Saxton, a handsome banker but although the dinner went okay, Jerry is too aggressive after dinner and Shannon defends herself against his unwanted advances. Everyone in town is privy to the scene.

While checking in one of the properties Shannon and her crew has been working, she stumbles upon the body of the undesirable Jerry Saxton, all the circumstances seem to point to Shannon being the number one suspect.

And the new chief of police is onto Shannon like butter on bread trying to get her to confess a crime she never committed.

Shannon must try to clean her name before it affects her and her family reputation with the help of her girlfriends and a new mystery writer that has moved into town .

Set in a small coast town,i particularly love the vivid descriptions of the lighthouse and Victorian homes, the secondary characters are engaging and i love that Shannon is an independent female character trying to make it in a traditional male profession such as construction.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here also available in Large Print Format.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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