JacketCA5HDQWJIn the second book of this new series “Tangled vines mystery” by Joni Folger. This book picks up the story a few months after the first one”Grapes of Death” finished. We’re back to the fictional town of River Bend in the Texas countryside. Elise Beckett has been working as a horticulturist for her family winery. In the meantime, Elise and her best friend CC have been working hard in making this year Lost Pine Wine Festival a successful event so she can showcase her family winery “River Bend Winery” new line of products. But the event seems to be in troubles even before tit begins because one of the participants, Divia Larson , archnemesis of Elise’s grandmother and competing winery owner, wants a corner booth that would put them exactly across Elise’s family booth .This creates tension between both families especially because Divia’s husband Garrett was once grandma Abbigail’s sweetheart. Of course, things gets even more complicated when grandma Abbi is the one who finds the dead body of Divia and all the evidence points at her as the main suspect.

Elise must investigate with the help of her brother and friends who the real murderer is while skirting her boyfriend’s scrutiny , Deputy Jackson Landry , who doesnt want her to get hurt in the process.

I love this new series, the characters are very likeable, fresh and engaging.Nothing seems forced . The pace and rythm are pretty good and the mystery is kept until the end.I was completely surprised to discover the identity of the killer just as Elise was. Love the dynamic relationships between the characters. All in all, another great series for mystery lovers.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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