At the Point of a Cutlassby Gregory N. Flemming

This is a carefully researched historical book that is anything but dull! Philip Ashton, a fisherman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was taken captive by pirates and then forced to work as a seaman – a not uncommon circumstance in the early 18th century.

From the coast of Nova Scotia, to the Azores, and then throughout the Caribbean, Ashton survives battle and brutality. He finally escapes to an uninhabited island off Honduras for several years of a true Robinson Crusoe existence. After storms, sickness, Spanish hunters (of Englishmen), wild boars, boa constrictors, and more pirates, Ashton is finally rescued and returns to Marblehead and celebrity.

Interested in the true pirate capture, bold escape, and lonely exile of Philip Ashton?  Find this book here.



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