Jacket3In this autobiography , we get an intimate look at Martin Short, one of the most genial comedy actors from all times.

From his humble beginnings as a kid obsessed with American tv and his big break in Second City TV (Canada) cradle to a bunch of legendary comedians such as Eugene Levy or Catherine O’hara among others to his first hit in the US theater screens as Franck, the over the top wedding planner in the remake of “Father of the Bride” ( with Steve Martin) , we get to enjoy the wild ride that Martin Short’s career has been.

He “speaks” in several voices in this amazing autobiography either as Franck or some of his SNL characters, yeah, that’s right, he had a one year residency in the famous TV show that has launched so many other comedian careers.

He also speaks of his family and the interactions with his wife in pages filled with deep emotion but also laughs.

If you are a Martin Short, and even if you have only observed his work from afar, you would enjoy reading this book. Filled with some pictures that also tell the story of his life, the style that is written makes it more than enjoyable.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog, also available as an audiobook and in Electronic Book format too.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small




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