Capture1In the fifth chapter/installment of this second  series written by Carolyn Hart ( the other series is Death on Demand ) . In this series we find Bailey Ruth Raeburn, dearly departed and working from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions.

Bailey Ruth enjoys all of the privileges that paranormal beings do such as “appearing” ( locked doors cant stop her) or changing her outfits just by thinking what to wear( if life was only so easy!) but at the same time , she faces real challenges when her boss Wiggins sends her back to Earth to help people in peril.

In this book, Wiggins is concerned about a former friend (who also has passed away but never made the transition to the “other” world) is accused of mischief. Loraine Marlow has been hunting Goddard University for years and matchmaking students by hiding roses in strategic places .

When a famous rare book is stolen and the clues point to Lorraine and Michelle, a student very dear to Lorraine and the case keeps getting murkier with the death of an innocent bystander; Wiggins decides to send Bailey Ruth back to Adelaide, Oklahoma to help getting some clues and cleaning up the name of his dear Lorraine.

I like this book because it’s actually fun and light to read, you can always count on Bailey Ruth to diffuse a tense situation with some humor and wit. Ghost may be present but the only evil is actually done by real flesh and bone people. The mystery keeps right until the end and it has a great pace. If you like paranormal mysteries, you will  love this one.Perfect for a snowy day.

If you’d like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here available also in Large Print Format and as an Ebook  here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small






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