Jacket2Things are cooking at the White House and it’s more than the Presidential meal. In the first book of this series by Julie Hyzy, we meet Olivia Paras, assistant chef to the Executive Chef of the White House, chef Henry.

Henry is about to retire after many years of dedicated service to former Presidents and Olivia “Ollie” has been slated to become his successor. But one early morning while Ollie is picking up Chef Henry’s retirement gift, an engraved pan to commemorate his years of service to the White House, she finds herself in a dramatic situation.An intruder has jumped the fence of the White House and Ollie is right in the middle of the path of the intruder, who she helps catching up by smacking him right in the head with Henry’s gift.

After being thoroughly interrogated by the Secret Service and asked by everyone including her boyfriend Tom to stay away from the intruder, Ollie must decide if the intruder’s words “I must warn the President”  that keep resonating in her head, are indeed  true and the President’s life is in jeopardy.At the same time she has to deal with Laurel Anne, celebrity chef who is attempting to steal the position that Ollie has worked so hard to achieve.

I love this book because of the setting (Washington D.C.) and the theme : cuisine. The story is entertaining and it keeps the pace right until the end. It actually has a nice twist in the end. The characters are easy to relate and they are a diverse bunch too.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog also available in Large Print format .

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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