Jacket2In the latest installment of the scrapbooking series by Laura Childs, we find Carmela Bertrand once more enjoying the easy life in New Orleans but her life never seems to go without a hitch or a death.One night after finishing up with scheduling her upcoming classes for her scrapbooking store “Memory Mine”, she is ready to chill out .Suddenly some strange, unnatural sounds coming from her next door business “Oddities”( a curiosity shop filled with the strangest items) made Carmela visit and make sure her neighbor is okay. Fighting her natural instincts , Carmela decides to step into the dim-lit store and after a casual encounter with a stranger, she seeks refuge in a sarcophagus just to run into the deceased body of Marcus Joubert, the shop owner.

While Oddities has always been a strange place filled with even grotesque items ,maybe even attracting the wrong kind of customer.The death of its owner has everyone in hyper gear wondering if the death of Marcus is an isolated act of crime or if the whole neighborhood is in jeopardy now.

When Marcus’s alleged fiancée , Mavis, the sweet and mousey assistant of Marcus , begs Carmela for help to find the killer. Carmela must decide if she wants to get involved in a world that is tied to grand theft, mob activities and the worst kind of criminals she may have yet to face.

I love this book series because Carmela and her sidekick Ava are one of the best amateur women sleuth team in recent years.Their dynamic and almost sister-like behavior makes for an enjoyable read and the pace and originality of the stories always are a welcome surprise.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog.

Happy reading,

Jackie M small



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