Jacket1Dr. Kay Scarpetta and her team of Forensics are back on the 22nd installment of the masterfully crafted series by Patricia Cornwell.

We find Dr Scarpetta about to head out to Florida to enjoy some well earned time off to celebrate her birthday with her husband FBI profiler Benton Wesley. But on the day before heading out to the airport, Dr. Scarpetta spots a set of pennies just laying on the back wall of her yard at their Cambridge home. And just like that in a moment, her life as she knows it is about to change. She receives a call from Detective Marino about a shooting victim , Jamal Nari, a very delusional man who has been previously been in the public eye as the result of harassment by the police . Because of the relatively notorious profile of the victim, Dr. Scarpetta is called to examine the body but the situation gets complicated when another victim shows up and is related to the son of a powerful local politician.

I liked this book because Scarpetta has to deal with new menaces such as cybersecurity issues, local lobbyism and even the doubt that her own niece Lucy might be involved in criminal activities.

The pace of the book is as with all Scarpetta books slower than most thriller books which is not neccesarilya bad thing because she goes to great lenghts to set up the scenes and create images that get imprinted in your brain as you are reading through the book. One of the qualities of her writing that i admire is her attention to detail and to create vivid settings.The story is set in Cambridge, Massachussets and it showcases some of its known landmarks.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog , also in format Large Print , as an audiobook and in format E-book  here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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