Jacket.aspxBy Cary Elwes and Joe Layden

Part memoir and part making-of book, Elwes walks readers through his experiences on the set of the movie The Princess Bride. He’s very humble and engaging, and his words are interspersed with input from other cast and crew members giving their side of his anecdotes. By all accounts, the movie was as magical to make as it is to watch. The production seems to be a genuine case of capturing lightning in a bottle, with people who loved working with each other engaged in a project they all loved.

One of the best parts is that like the movie, the content is suitable for all ages. The only exception is perhaps some tales about drinking (although there’s drinking in the movie too). You can tell that Elwes wanted to keep the book as accessible as possible, but there’s also the impression that there just wasn’t a lot of mature content to leave out. Actual appropriateness is dependent on reading level, but I would say it’s probably fine for around sixth grade and up.

I really can’t overstate how much fun this book was. I was actually saddened to finish it, but alas, all good things…

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