Jacket.aspxBy Neil Patrick Harris

NPH proves to be a gifted entertainer in yet another media. Have you ever read an autobiography that is clearly the person sitting down and indulging themselves in everything they love for 300 pages and instead of being egotistical it’s really entertaining, incredibly funny and intensely personal? If you haven’t, you should probably read this. If you have, you’ll love reading this one too.

True to the title, this book does indulge the “Choose Your Own” format that was so popular in the 80s. It takes a few pages to get used to, but it works nicely. The book can actually be read cover to cover with only a few hiccups, and that way you discover little Easter eggs, like pages that can’t be reached via any path in the book. He doesn’t shy from many topics, and in fact uses them for shock value early on. He’s the sort of writer who likes to lull readers in and then throw something spicy in there to see if you’re paying attention.

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