Jacket.aspxBy Eric Garcia

Vincent Rubio is a private investigator. He’s also a velociraptor. You see, dinosaurs didn’t go extinct; they’re all around us, living in secret—unless they get murdered. That’s where Vincent comes in. Wrapped up in a case that takes him from LA to New York and back again, he finds strange intersections between a nightclub fire, a millionaire’s assassination, genetic engineering, a sultry human lounge singer, the murder of his partner a year previous, and many more threads. It’ll all come together, if only he can stay alive long enough to figure it out.

Garcia crafts a fantastic romp that cleverly toys with modern sci-fi and noir mysteries. He has a knack for making the silliest elements of his story (and there really are a lot of them) work by knowing exactly how much information to divulge and withhold. At the same time, this is a reasonably serious murder-mystery. It’s absurd and grounded at the same time and I loved every page.

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