Jacket Wild Truth

By Carine McCandless

So here’s the skinny. This book is marketed as being a missing piece to the Chris McCandless (Into the Wild) story. If you come to this book expecting a revelatory experience about why Chris went out into the wild to begin with, you might come away disappointed.  In truth, this book is the autobiography of Carine McCandless, Chris’ sister. Once I started to read it as such, and let go of the fact that there was not going to be any sort of epiphany, I started to like the book more. Carine tells a harrowing tale of suffering and overcoming abusive relationships throughout her life. You will see glimpses of Chris along the way and it is clear their connection is a deep one, but it is not the primary focus of this story. In fact, Chris is barely featured at all. Carine herself has an interesting voice, character and tale. I am just not sure the marketing was wise….Then again, maybe it was brilliant.

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