Capture1In the latest book of this wonderful series, we find once more sisters Tricia and Angelica going about her lives in the fictional quiet town of Stoneham, New Hampshire. Tricia is still enjoying working and being the owner of her bookstore “Haven’t Got a Clue” but the cold weather in the winter has created a slow time for all businesses in town.

Angelica on the other hand has been busy and now she owns several businesses in town and has also been elected the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Stoneham .Her cranky but very efficient secretary Betsy Dittmeyer has been pushing everyone’s buttons by constantly asking Angelica to search for a new location for the Chamber. But as usual things in Stoneham wont remain slow for long.

While Angelica is visiting Tricia  , they hear a big ruckus just to find out moments later that Betsy has found her final demise crushed under a pile of books.  Tricia once more must put on her detective cap in order to find the real killer and free her sister Angelica of any wrongdoing but while she is investigating she finds she may end up losing everything she has worked so hard for if she isn’t careful.

I love this series because first it references many landmarks in New Hampshire and also there’s a continuity in the main story line. Both main characters Tricia and Angelica’s lives seem to be moving forward or just moving along which is a nice surprise for all of the readers. I love their interactions as sisters and businesswomen which make this book a delightful read. Also in this particular one, the mystery is kept until the very end and it comes as a big surprise. Be on the lookout for a big plot twist in the end.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here and you can also find it as an ebook and an audiobook from our Overdrive catalog.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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