The Perfect Place

By Teresa Harris

Treasure thinks everything will be perfect when Mama finds their lost Dad. They will once again be an aggregate and get the perfect place to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Dad doesn’t feel like being found which leaves Mama to dump Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, on their bull headed and mind-to-mouth Great Aunt Grace (Acronym GAG) while she goes looking for him. The opposing personalities, health needs (Treasure has asthma and GAG smokes like a chimney), town conflict (neighbors suspect GAG of burglary), make for wonderful tension. While all those things keep the story interesting and engaging, the real triumph is Harris’ voice. Smart, quirky and unique, Treasure Daniels is a character that will nestle right into your heart. And GAG will grow on you, too, just on time for the perfect finale.

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