jacket2 A few nights ago I watched “Twenty”, the excellent documentary celebrating the first ( yeah!) 20 years of my favorite band Pearl Jam directed by Cameron Crowe, personal friend of PJ frontman Eddie Vedder. As I watched transfixed, eyes glued to the screen, Eddie Vedder et company telling how music changed their lives and how they fought Ticketmaster, I couldn’t help thinking about the invisible man in the screen , filmmaker Cameron Crowe.

Cameron Crowe was born in 1957 in Palm Springs, California and his first job was as a teen music writer for Rolling Stone magazine which was the basis for his movie “Almost famous”.

My first Cameron Crowe movie was “Singles” back in my Grunge period. Matt Dillon, plaid shirts, great soundtrack, Eddie Vedder cameo, what’s not to like? and that’s even before finding out the plot. “Singles” describes the struggles to find true love and identity in the 90’s in Seattle seen through the eyes of four single people during the beginning of the grunge period.

After that I watched “Say anything” ,it became one of my favorite movies and most people recognizes it as a modern day cult movie with yet another great soundtrack.

But Cameron Crowe didn’t stop there,he consolidated his position as a great filmmaker with “Jerry Maguire” where Tom Cruise plays a disgraced sports agent trying to find his way back into the big leagues. Another movie, yet another iconic scene.

Riding on the success of Jerry Maguire, Cameron Crowe directed “Almost famous” where he narrated his experiences as a young correspondent following a fictional band while on tour and inmersing in the world of rock and roll, groupies and drugs.

The following year he would release “Vanilla sky” , a remake from the spanish movie “Abre los ojos”( Open your eyes). Having watched and thoroughly enjoyed the original movie, I wasn’t too keen in watching any remake but Crowe did a great job trying to capture the dual reality that plagues the main character who loses the line between reality and fantasy when he’s trying to escape a personal tragedy.

After a long hiatus, he released “Elizabethtown” , a movie about a failed shoe designer who gets fired after inventing the worst shoe in history but after trying to commit suicide, he must go back home after his father ‘s death and try to fix his own life,although a decent movie, the critics weren’t fair to it.

His latest commercial success came with “We bought a zoo” with Matt Damon, about a grieving family who in their quest to start over end up buying a property that includes a backyard zoo and gets more than they bargained for.

My favorite Cameron Crowe quote is “The only true currency in this bankrupt world are the moments you share with someone when you’re uncool.” and this holds true because being uncool is not a terrible thing anymore, not if you have Cameron Crowe telling your story or if you can recognize yourself in one of his movie characters.

You can find Cameron Crowe movies right by clicking on each movie title.

Enjoy watching them and leave a comment if you like any of them,

Jackie M small




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