JacketIn the latest installment of this series by Kate Carlisle “The book stops here” we find  Brooklyn Wainwright, a San Francisco based bookbinding expert. Although most people would think that the bookbinding world is a really boring one and for all we know, it is. Things aren’t boring at all for Brooklyn.

When Brooklyn is chosen to appraise rare books for a traveling television show “This Old Attic”, she thinks she will finally be beyond danger but when Vera Stoddard, one of the collectors bring a rare edition of “The Secret Garden” signed apparently by the legendary Mae West.

Things turn for the worse when Brooklyn finds out that Vera has been killed and the motive seems to be Brooklyn’s appraisal for the book Vera owned. Now Brooklyn aided by her fiance Derek, a British citizen and expert in security must try to find out who is behind the killing before Brooklyn becomes the next victim.

I love how the author gives life and glamour to a profession(bibliophile) that otherwise would seem dull through the eyes of Brooklyn. Also the side characters like Alex, Brooklyn’s neighbor and the television show filming crew are interesting enough to get you hooked in the story.The pace is nice and the ending has a twist that i did not expect.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here and also available in Large Print Format.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small

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