station 11The death of a famous actor, Arthur Leander, starts the novel off with a bang. Characters intersect from this opening event through the following disease-caused apocalypse.  I was hooked from the very first chapter and the novel maintained my interest as it progressed from the beginning days to 20 years later, in a world much changed.

Part of what I enjoyed the most was the take on the End of Days by the author, the loss of everyday things, and the characters’ musings on how they coped with the cataclysm that happened. I have read many novels on this same theme, but none really captured the loss of our present society as much as this book.

Also what I loved was the overall optimism of the novel. Yes, a terrible thing has happened, wiping out 99% of the earth’s population. And yes, there are bad guys out there too, but the characters in the novel are committed to remembering better times by traveling around performing Shakespeare in an effort to keep the words alive. The novel is not about that as much as it is about the human spirit in the face of disaster.

I particularly loved the ending. Not gonna say another word. 🙂

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