miss peregrineAuthor: Ransom Riggs

Why read? Interesting, dark fantasy about a group of otherworldly children with a terrible secret who appear to a young man visiting a remote island in Wales.

16-year-old Jacob, a somewhat ordinary teenager who has just seen the murder of his beloved grandfather (a veteran of WWII) by what appeared to be a monster. On the advice of his psychiatrist, Jacob and his father travel to Wales – his father to work on his birdwatching activities, and Jacob to have the time to recuperate from the awful event only he witnessed. Of course, the island is also the same island where his grandfather grew up as a child in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. And peculiar they were. Are.  Think XMen Origins and you will understand some of the unusual powers of these otherworldly children.

For a terrible thing happened at the Home. And now the children are doomed to repeat the event daily.

The weird, vintage photographs of children add to the mystery and creepiness of the tale.

Well-written,  engaging story. The first of a series. You’ll want to know what happened to them, too!

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