Jacket4As you all know by now, I relish cozy mysteries.In my world they can do no wrong but sometimes some of them are just too silly to even consider. Luckily for me, Jenn Mckinlay is one of the best cozy mysteries writer. I simply adore her other series about the Cupcake Bakery . If you haven’t checked out her other series, i recommend it.

But back to this series, this is the first book of the Library mystery series. Of course, working in a library myself, i couldn’t resist diving into this one. She’s accurate in some aspects of it. Libraries do have cool librarians but certainly no yoga practicioner Trustee (at least none that I’m aware of).

Lindsey is the new director of Briar Creek Library. Her love in life is being an archivist but when life dealt her a bad hand, she’s quick to move on and to her luck, her accolades land her as the new Director of Briar Creek where her best friend Beth is the Children’s librarian. Everything seems to be going peaches with Lindsey. But when Beth ‘s recent former boyfriend Rick Eckman is found dead and Beth herself is the prime suspect. Lindsey must try to help finding the real killer before the public voice and unfounded gossip damage Beth’s and the library itself reputations.

I love how the writer depicts a small town library and the variety of characters that populate small towns. The main character Lindsey is a no nonsense kind of person whose scholastic background allows her to remain cool in tricky situations and be a community leader.Also her love for books is something that I can completely relate. All in all, another great cozy mystery for mystery lovers.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here, also available in Large Print Format and as an Electronic Audiobook here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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