Jacket.aspxby Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case (& other artists)

Yes, this is THAT Batman. The brightly-colored, camp-filled, deadpan-delivery Batman portrayed by Adam West. He’s back, at least in comic form (which seems oddly circular, but I digress). Writer Parker does a phenomenal job of capturing the voices of the characters; the dialogue could have been scripted directly from the screen. Although the show is almost 50 years old, Parker delights in showing readers how timeless it is. At the same time, often on the same page, he deftly makes jokes and references that are designed for today’s readers to grin at.

The art is also amazing here, with Case and other artists clearly having a blast with the necessary “retro” styling and frenetic action sequences. No detail is spared in making this love letter as accurate as possible, even paying attention to silly things (yes I know that’s highly subjective here) like the makeup over the mustache of Cesar Romero’s Joker.

I could not put this graphic novel down and devoured it in a single sitting. I was a little doubtful that everything I love about the show could really be captured, but it was exactly the exciting romp through a Technicolor landscape that I was hoping for.

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