Jacket.aspxby Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Nicholas Lash is the executor of the estate of recently-deceased family friend Dominic “Hank” Raines, a horror writer by trade. At the funeral he meets a mysterious woman who entrances him, and later he discovers an unpublished manuscript in the decedent’s effects. It’s at that precise moment that Nicholas’ whole world goes to hell. Maybe literally.

As Nicholas searches for answers in the present, a second narrative set in the 1950s features Raines doing the same. A reporter investigating a corrupt cop, Raines becomes infatuated with a woman he interviews… the same woman that Nicholas is pursuing in the present. A seemingly immortal woman who is on the run from a cult of Lovecraftian monsters and their worshippers. As both men seek the same answers, it becomes increasingly unlikely that they’ll never find the truth amidst the layers of ageless evil they uncover.

This was a fantastic graphic novel that intertwines horror and noir. Great for a moody mid-October scare.

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