Jacket3 I picked up this book because of an endorsement on the cover by “it” girl Gillian Flynn, I was greatly surprised by the story and the pace of this book.

Rebekah Roberts is a young woman who was abandoned by her Hasidic Jewish mother when she was barely a baby. She now has moved to New York and works as a freelancer getting quotes from witnesses for a known New York newspaper. She has always being intrigued by the disappearance of her mother and the whole Hasidic Jewish culture.

One winter morning she gets an unexpected assignment. A woman has been found dead in a construction site and Rebekah is sent to find out any more information as it’s rumored to be an Hasidic Jewish woman who had been killed.

In order to accomplish her assignment, Rebekah must “infiltrate” the rather than mysterious and tight knit community of the Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn where the unknown woman is believed to have lived.

With the help of a rogue detective who seems to have ties to Rebekah’s mother, Rebekah is set to find out who wanted to see the victim dead while trying to find some way to learn about the Hasidic community and deal with the feelings of inadequacy because of her mother’s abandonment.

I really liked this book.The main character Rebekah is a young girl ,very confused about her heritage and her plans for the future .As anyone who has been young and uncertain of their own future, it’s easy to relate to.The pace and the voice of the story is fresh and the attention to details makes you see the world through the eyes of Rebekah.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here, also available as an Audiobook and in Electronic Audiobook format too.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small



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