Jacket1Deryn Lake is a wonderful historical novelist who brings her craftsmanship into the delightful series of mysteries portrayed by John Rawlings.

“Death in the Rocks” is the latest in a series of 15 books .Set in England during the Georgian Era,we find John Rawlings, an apothecary from Number 2 in Nassau Street. He’s the adopted son of Sir Gabriel Kent,a nobleman who is also his confidant.John’s personal life is also in a little bit of turmoil.

The story begins when John receives a intriguing letter from a complete strangers from Bristol.The letter sender seems to be a rich merchant who seems to be confident that the heir to his wife estate isn’t the man who says he is. He requests John’s expertise in order to help him sort out that situation.

As luck will have it, John’s father, Sir Gabriel Kent is curious about the medicinal baths of Hotwell, a village resort not far from Bristol.So John decides to travel with his father and investigate the situation in Bristol.

I love this book because its a fine example of a historical mystery. The author gives wonderful descriptions of the customs of the era which makes you feel that you are looking through the eyes of the characters deeply teletransporting you into the Georgian Era. The mystery plot is also beautifully written and keeps you guessing until the end.After you read this book, you will be wanting to read more about John Rawlings and his adventures.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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