Jacket2Charles O’Brien is a former historian and university professor who is penning his second mystery series. You may have read his Anne Cartier mystery series and now he brings us the Pamela Thompson series.

Set in New York at the end of the 19th Century in New York, Pamela Thompson is a new widow in a world still dominated by men and suited for me. Because of her new status, she has the need to find a new job and way of sustenance. Pamela Thompson is a bright and caring woman.Thanks to the help of Prescott and Associates, she gets a job as an investigator and alongside Harry Miller, a disgraced former police officer, they investigate crimes and help the local police to solve them.

In the second book of this series, Pamela is called to investigate a Condecorated Civil War hero, Captain Jed Crake. The Captain is suspected of the killing of a young maid and also of preying other young women. Pamela recognized that it will be very hard to investigate Capt. Crake because of his strong ties to the local NY police too.

But as they are getting close to knowing the facts, Pamela’s guard, Francesca, a sweet iItaliangirl that she helps educate , is accused of killing the Captain in Saratoga Springs.

With the help of Harry and his employer Prescott, Pamela must find the real killer before Francesca is sent to prison for it.

I love this book because of the historical notes inter-sped with the story itself. Notable events like the Reform of a then corrupt NY Police Department and the first union strikes in the meatpacking district make this book  a bigger delight to read.I am already looking forward to the next adventure of Pamela Thompson.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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