Jacket.aspxby Eoin Colfer

The second book in the Artemis Fowl series follows the titular teenage genius anti-hero as he mounts a rescue attempt for his father, who went missing two years earlier. Unfortunately his fairy associates are fighting off a hostile coup, so he’ll have to deal with that before he can get their help…

In Artemis Fowl, Colfer has created a very contradictory and yet very real protagonist. I thrilled to Fowl’s adventures and sympathized with his pains, yet at the same time even I was wary of him—he is after all a self-admitted criminal mastermind. The blending of the “spy-fi” and fantasy genres could have gone very wrong in another author’s hands, but somehow Colfer brings it all together seamlessly. This is largely due to a certain whimsy and infrequent narrative asides that are reminiscent of Douglas Adams.

I enjoyed this work as an audiobook read by Nathaniel Parker. He’s a very engaging speaker who strikes a good pace and tone. A few of his voices can be difficult to distinguish from others, but he’s wonderfully skilled and clearly enjoys pushing his range as far as he can.

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