I have never heard of Jenniwinterfer McMahon but I’m so glad I picked this book out of the Large Print shelf . This is an amazing thriller that borders in the surrealism and paranormal genres , this is a great read as the fast pace and intertwined subplots keeps you guessing until the end.

The winter people are those people who couldn’t go through to the other side of the ether and are now roaming among us sometimes causing harm but most of the time just being there until their time comes to go through.

The book describes the story of several generations of women linked to each other by blood or tragedies. The events are based on the town of West Hall in Vermont where strange disappearances and paranormal occurrences have always been the talk of the region. Teenager Ruthie lives along her sister Fawn and their mother Alice keeping a low profile and almost off the grid. Life in West Hall is boring for Ruthie until one day their mother disappears without notice and while looking for clues she stumbles upon the diary of Sarah Harrison Shea, a former resident of the farm where Ruthie’s family lives now. Sarah’s diary filled with tragedy and strange events may be the only clue to the location of their mother and the continuation of their peaceful existences.

If you like either Stephen King or Dean Koontz, this is a great book for you. The mystery around the events that seem to be about to repeat themselves and the strong bonds between mother and daughters make this book an excellent read.

if you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog, also available as an Electronic Audiobook.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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