rhysIn the 8th and latest installment of this adorable series by Rhys Bowen, we are thrilled to find that one of our favorite characters Lady Georgiana Rannoch “Georgie” is back at her usual sleuthing but this time she has to cross the Atlantic Ocean to do it.

Georgie has been living in the English countryside comforting the Dowager Countess and her sisters after the tragic loss of a relative. But when her mother Claire Daniels, a very famed stage actress comes to ask her to become her travel companion to America, she doesn’t hesitate to accept her proposal and embarks on the trip of a lifetime. But of course, the trip isn’t just for entertainment purposes. Claire’s new beau has finally decided to marry her and for that she must go to America and get a divorce decree from her current husband , a Texan oil millionaire, who she has been living separated for many years now. Georgie is also missing her beau, Mr. Darcy O’Mara who is again in one of those famous secret missions that he cant never talk about . While traveling aboard a luxury liner, Georgie’s mother Claire runs into a famous actress who turns out to be no one but a long time fellow performer and along a famed Hollywood director convinced them to head to Hollywood to try their luck in the movies.

What else can I say about this series that doesn’t make me sound like a fan girl? The writing is delightful and the story goes so fast that you will be done with it in less than you imagine and then you will be starving for the next one. The characters are always such a pleasure to read about and the mystery is kept well until the end.

If you haven’t read the other ones in the series, i suggest you read them in order so you can see how the characters have evolved but if you are reading this one as your first in the series, it’s okay too because this book as standalone will make you go back to read the earlier ones.

If you would like to read this book,you can find it here in our catalog and also available in Large Print Format

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small



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