VEIn the latest book of the Witchcraft mysteries, we find once more Lily Ivory living in San Francisco and trying to make her way into the world . Lily is living happily for the first time, having found in Sailor, her boyfriend, the love and care she always needed but couldn’t find in anyone else. Also being part of the lives of Bronwyn and Maya, her employee and friends.
But one day she visits Sebastian, another antiquarian and vintage clothing dealer and scores an antique trunk full of almost disintegrating clothing and among them, she finds a purple and gold velvet cape. She has a premonition that something isn’t entirely right. The cape has a connection to Massachusetts ,supposedly to the Salem Trials and a strong link to a witch whom is looking for revenge.
A tree about to be cut down in Golden Bridge National Park has everyone in the neighborhood up in arms but when Oscar, her little familiar , a mix of gargoyle and goblin goes missing. Lily must move heaven and earth to find him before he loses him forever.
I love the originality of this series and the way Lily is portrayed in the book, as a strong female witch but insecure of the day to day social interactions as she grew up segregated because of her gift. Also the secondary characters are charming and you will love them right away. The action and suspense and the pace of the plot are always fast and full of surprises. You will be wanting soon to read more of Lily and her adventures in San Francisco.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here and also available as an Electronic Audiobook.
Happy Reading,

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