Betsy Devonshire is the owner of needlework shop “Crewel World” where she loves helping her customers and teaching classed to newbies.
However when the community pool that she goes to do her water exercises closes for renovation , she gets the chance to attend the pool at “Watered Silk” – a nearby retirement home. And when she is offered the opportunity to teach crewel embroidery to the residents of Watered Silk, she pounces on the opportunity to teach and to bring some extra cash to her business. Sadly things don’t start as well as a body is discovered floating in the very same pool that the residents do their aquatic exercises. Everyone is enraged and saddened for the loss but her friends are even more saddened because their nephew is being accused. It’s up to Betsy to try to clear the young man’s reputation and continue with her classes while trying to figure out who is the murder.
I started this series with the latest book which is something that I don’t normally do but I was able to read it and follow it well enough without having read the first book in the series. Betsy is an adorable character and friends Jill and Godwin are excellent sidekicks to the story. Being a person interested in crafting, I always look forward to craft themed mysteries as they usually make want to try a new technique or research new venues to explore my creativity.
I enjoyed the pace in the story and the mystery that remained until the end. The characters are well written and they constitute a nice amalgam of unique traits.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog, now also available as an audiobook here.
Happy Reading,
Jackie M small

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