This is the 16th (cant hardly believe she has been writing for so long!!) book in the Alexandra Cooper series written by former prosecutor Linda Fairstein. Readers familiar with this series know who Alexandra Cooper is but if you havent read any of her books before, you are in for a real treat.
Alexandra Cooper (Alex or Coop) is a NY city prosecutor that deals with victims of sexual crimes. Her job usually involves getting abused victims comfortable and convicting criminal of heinous crimes. Luckily the stories arent too gory and what they lack in graphic impact (maybe I have been de-sensitized after 16 books too ) they are enriched with obscure historic tidbits.
Actually besides Alex Cooper whom is a very likeable character in my book, my main atraction to Linda Fairstein’s books are the nuggets of New York history. Having visited New York City many times and being fascinated with the true character of such a big city, I’m always drawn to Fairstein’s book because they show the true history of New York, all beautifully inserted along the crime/mystery plot.
In her latest book, Alex is dealing with a victim found in the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Alex is called right away to deal with the PR headache that finding a body in a rich landmark is going to cause in the media and general population. But when a certain detail that the killer may have imprinted in the victim resembles train tracks,Alex and her team alongside the NY Police Department must learn about the history of Grand Central Station and the sleepy city that once “lived” underneath. It’s a fascinating story until the end.I may be biased but I truly think her books are getting better with each new plot she keeps surprising us with.
If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog and also as a Large Print and Audiobook format here.
Happy Reading,
Jackie M small

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