aunt dimityLori Shepherd is an american living in a beautiful cream colored cottage in Finch, a village nestled in the Cotswolds in England. She’s married to Bill and they are parent to the wittiest and most adorable 8 year old twins ever, Rob and Will.When the village attends the funeral of Mr Hughes, a villager they never seem to notice around , they realized that they knew very little about him. To add to the confusion of the villagers, Adam, the absentee nephew and only relative of Mr Hughes arrives during the service.

He moves right into Mr Hughes cottage and shortly after that, a wishing well is discovered in his uncle property. When Lori mockingly wishes for a nicer weather and her wish comes true, other villagers start making wishes for themselves and their wishes also become true. Soon enough confusion ensues through the village and there seems to be stranger forces at work in the village.

 Nancy Atherton’s lovely description of the village of Finch and the characters that populate it makes this book a lovable series. Trust me, once you become part of the world of Aunt Dimity, you will never want to stop reading this series .

 If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here and also you can find it as an Audiobook here.


 Happy Reading,
Jackie M small



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