eyre affairThis book combines the very real world with an imaginary “what if” world where literature is taken seriously, (an important branch of law enforcement is the Litera Tech, officers whose job it is to make sure that books do not go missing and/or remain in their written form). The public treasures its literary figures – there are roadside machines who spout passages from Shakespeare for a few coins, and constant arguments over who actually wrote “Shakespeare’s” plays. The humorous. smartly literate plot revolves around Litera Tech officer Thursday Next and her endeavors to save the unraveling of  the story of Jane Eyre by the nefarious Hades, and includes the participation of Mr. Rochester himself.

If you enjoy mysteries, mild sci-fi, literary references, a little Harry Potter-esque magic, then you will like this book.

Compared to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Eyre Affair is the first in a series of Thursday Next novels including Lost in a Good Book, and the Well of Lost Plots.

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