The Shelf from LEQ to LESby Phyllis Rose

I love books, so it’s no surprise I work in a library.  Yet I have so little time to actually read them.  Phyllis Rose decided to sample the current state of Literature by reading every book on one shelf in her library.  The Shelf tells us about her adventures, a little about each book, plus her thoughts on related topics such as the Paris Opera House, women authors, detective fiction and weeding in public libraries.  “To read fiction is to do something voluntary and free, to exercise choice over and over…Only libraries promote random reading through their open stacks and that ultimately random system of organization, alphabetical order….Explore something, even if it’s just a bookshelf. Make a stab in the dark. Read off the beaten path.  You attention is precious.  Be careful of other people trying to direct how you dispense it.”  So get reading!

To request this book, click here



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