poppy6In the third book of this series we find once again Lady Georgiana back in Rannoch Castle, her family home in Scotland. After a mishap in London she is somehow “recommended’ by Scotland Yard to go back home and stay there until further notice.
Back at home, her usually annoying sister-in-law Fig is actually happy for once to have Georgiana by her side as their family home has been ‘invaded’ by cousins and even American residents whose mission is to keep Mrs. Wallis Simpson distracted and away from the Prince of Wales while the Royal Family is vacationing at their Balmoral Estate.
But somehow funny accidents start happening to members of the Royal entourage including a bear trap to Binky’s ankle (Georgiana’s brother) and clues point to someone who might be trying to send a message to the Royal family. Georgiana then must try to find out who is trying to shorten up the queue to the Royal throne.
I’m absolutely head over heels this series because it’s the perfect mix of murder mystery and comedy relief plus having the historical setting and events as a frame of reference make for this series a very enjoyable one. The character of Lady Georgiana is so  likeable, witty and full of spunk that all you want to do is keep reading about her adventures and her mishaps.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here. And also available as a downloadable eBook right here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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