poppy5 Who doesn’t love drinking tea after a long stressful day or maybe at night time before going to bed in order to get peaceful night of sleep or even early in the day to feel invigorated and ready to get the creative juices or just in a chilly day to get warmed up all over ? Well, if you love tea then this is the series for you.
Theodosia Browning is finally making her dreams come true. She is the owner of the Indigo Tea Shop in downtown Charleston, North Carolina. Alongside Drayton, her tea connoisseur employee , she has built a small but faithful tea loving clientele. When her business is given the opportunity to cater the Lamplighter Tour, a tour through the historic district ending in a small gala, she jumps at the opportunity of showcasing her wonderful in-house tea blends to a broader audience . But what she wasn’t counting on the death of Hughes Barron, member of the Heritage Society and greedy developer while drinking one of her teas. Suspicion has been cast in Bethany, a new employee at her store helping just for the evening and by association in Theodosia.
Theodosia must find the real culprit before the shadow of doubt and the rumor mill in old historic Charleston drives her business out of the market.
This is the first of the second mystery series by Laura Childs , the other being Carmela Bertrand, the scrapbooker owner in New Orleans.
I love the writing style of Laura Childs , it’s always so fresh and light paced. Plus the setting of this particular series is gorgeous, Historic District of Charleston, North Carolina and a little bit of the country side and islands. And reading all about the different kind of tea and their passion about tea brewing and drinking is so refreshing and you will find yourself wanting to brew a cuppa before you continue reading another page.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it in our catalog here.

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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