poppy2Cooking for Your Gluten-Free Teen: Everyday Foods the Whole Family Will Love  By Carlyn Berghoff, Sarah Berghoff McClure, Susan Nelson & Nancy Ross Ryan

Whether you are following a gluten-free diet due to health problems or especially if you have been diagnosed as a Celiac. You can find different recipes to satisfy all of your family.
In this book you can find recipes to create your own gluten-free all purpose flour mix so you can store and save in the long run. The recipes are categorized so you can select from options for breakfast and even desserts and go 100% gluten free without missing out in your favorites.
The book doesn’t only showcase recipes but actually it helps to approach the gluten free world, explaining the basics as to how to convert your kitchen to a gluten-free kitchen, listing dangers as hidden gluten food or cross contamination besides giving you suggestions as to tried and true Gluten free brands.
Children and teens are the intended audience of this book because as the writer describes it , they are the ones who have a much harder time while trying to adapt to a new diet but you will find that most recipes are delicious enough that even if you have members of your family that don’t necessarily need to eat Gluten Free , you can still make the same recipes for everyone and no one will suffer or miss out their gluten ridden counterparts.
Among my favorite recipes are Gluten Free White Sandwich bread (pg 45-46), Gluten Free Pizza (pg 113-114) , Gluten Free cornbread (pg 59) and Gluten Free Sugar Cookies (pg 150-151)
I have tried most of the recipes of this book and i highly recommend you to give it a try. Although gluten free may not enjoy from the same elasticity from the regular dishes, these recipes certainly make great choices full of flavor.
If you would like to read this book and try these recipes, you can find it in our catalog here
Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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