poppy4The Anatomy of Steampunk : the fashion of Victorian futurism by Gleason, Katherine. If you are into Steampunk, Cosplay, Roleplay or just simply a fashionista then this is the book for you. First of all, the book is divided in chapters that carefully and thoroughly explain the different variations in Steampunk fashion from the fine and formal to more advanced like stage crafted and then a little more casual and whimsical for the street style. Also the book showcases several do-it-yourself projects for you to start up on this fashion trend or to create as a gift for a relative/friend who enjoys Steampunk. By far this is the most completed anthology of Steampunk fashion and accesories that you will ever find in printed form. Each chapter features designers and performers of this fashion . Also showcase online stores and their team of designers or owner if you would be inclined to grow your Steampunk collection. One of my favorite designers are the Ms Purdy’s hats/ fascinators created in Steampunk fashion. They are literally to die for. From the projects in the book, my favorites include the Custom-made Spats (pg 78) , the Steampunk gauntlet (pg 114) and of course, the Steampunk goggles, the icon of Steampunk fashion (pg 166)

If you would like to read this book , you can find it in our catalog here

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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