mibIn the opening book of this series by Lorna Barnett, we find Tricia Miles, a divorcee who comes from the big city to the small  town of Stoneham, NH ( not far from the border from Massachusetts and a stone’s throw to Portsmouth) also dubbed as the safest town in the US.
Having used all of her savings to invest in “Havent got a clue,” her bookstore is located in an embankment of bookstores in Main Street. She puts a lot of effort into making her investment work, but mysterious things start to happen. Pamphlets about a nudist resort start appearing among the pages of books… her neighbor Doris, a bitter store owner and competitor suddenly turns up dead… and she has odd encounters with the local reporter.
On top of that, her estranged sister Angelica suddenly shows up creating a little too much to handle for Tricia. She must try to keep her store open, herself out of trouble, and keep the real killer at bay.
I love this book because of the setting (so easy to recognize some of the Portsmouth landmarks) and the characters – although flawed at times – are very real and easy to like. Also, the mystery’s plot keeps you guessing until the end.  All in all, a good book to read in one afternoon.

If you would like to read this book, you can find it here in our catalog and also as an audiobook here and as a downloadable ebook here .

Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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