acoopIn the first book of this series by Victoria Laurie we meet Abby Cooper.

Abby is just like any other 30-something girl. She has a daytime job, a home, and a dog, but the thing that makes her different is her psychic intuitiveness. Abby has always been ‘gifted’ but predictions don’t come to her, as we all believe, like in a movie. She gets glimpses or images and she has to make the connections. She has a private practice as a psychic intuitive in Detroit. She enjoys her life for the most part.

Everything seems to be going well  until one day one of her clients turns up dead. All of the clues point to Abby… So she must prove not only that she is innocent but also that her gift is real and she isn’t a freak.

I love  this book because it’s quick, fun and light paced. It has some hilarious moments and Abby is at times so witty and sarcastic. With a very light style and feel, you’ll soon be wanting more Abby Copper books!

If you would like to read about Abby and dig into her adventures , you can find it in our catalog here And also as a downloadable ebook here.
Happy Reading,

Jackie M small


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